Valgerand Nordic Grill

Valgerand, which means white beach, is named after a beautiful place called Valgerand in Estonia, as a tribute both to Saadiyat Island and the restaurant’s own Northern European roots. Bringing Nordic cuisine to Abu Dhabi, Valgerand offers the finest Scandinavian and Estonian delicacies, particularly seafood.

In recent years, New Nordic cuisine with its emphasis on local, natural and seasonal ingredients has gained much ground. At Valgerand, you will dine on what many consider the best salmon in Abu Dhabi, prepared in a variety of ways. Grilled, cold smoked, sea-salt cured or in a tartare, whichever version you choose, the Norwegian salmon is the hero of the dish. However Valgerand is not just one of the leading restaurants for fish in Abu Dhabi – there’s much more on offer. You can tuck into that hearty favorite, Swedish meatballs, try Estonian wild forest berries, enjoy seasonal salads and more. Chicken, beef and lamb cooked Nordic style, cover the meat offerings, while the Estonian burger is a big hit.
Cooking styles at this Nordic grill in Abu Dhabi pay homage to natural earthy sensibilities of Scandinavia and the Baltic region, with a liberal use of the cold smoker and open fires. To top it all, Valgerand’s sommeliers will pair your choices with the right wines.

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Mamsha, Al Saadiyat , Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Turquoise 8, Jacques Chirac St Mamsha, Al Saadiyat ,
Sa'DiyatCultural - Abu Dhabi

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