Abrahamic Family House

Discover Saadiyat Island’s mosque, church and synagogue, all in one location dedicated to faith and knowledge.

The Abrahamic Family House welcomes visitors and worshippers to the Mosque, the Church, and the Synagogue

The Abrahamic Family House is a centre for dialogue and knowledge exchange. Rooted in the UAE’s values of bringing people and cultures together, the Abrahamic Family House embodies the diversity of Abu Dhabi and the wider UAE, home to vibrant multicultural communities of various faiths. Encompassing three separate houses of worship, the Eminence Ahmed El Tayeb Mosque, St. Francis Church Abu Dhabi, and Moses Ben Maimon Synagogue, as well as shared spaces for gathering and dialogue, the Abrahamic Family House is now open to the public.

The Abrahamic Family House welcomes visitors and offers a range of engaging experiences, from brief tours to immersive journeys of understanding.

The Abrahamic Family House – Opening Hours

Visitor or devotee? Here’s our quick guide to the Abrahamic Family House timings and visiting hours for each place of worship.

The Abrahamic Family House Guided ToursTuesday-Sunday10 am to 5 pm (last entry).
Premises close for tours at 6 pm
The Abrahamic Family House VisitsTuesday-Sunday10 am to 5 pm (last entry).
Premises close for tours at 6 pm
Eminence Ahmed El-Tayeb Mosque (for worship)EverydayAs per prayer timings
Please use the Mosque entrance
St. Francis ChurchEveryday7 am to 9 pm
Please use the Church entrance
Moses Ben Maimon SynagogueEveryday7 am to 9 pm
Please use the Synagogue entrance

Please note The Abrahamic Family House is closed for tours and visitors on Monday. Tours are usually around an hour long and can be booked in either English or Arabic, and you will be accompanied by a Storyteller. Check how to plan your Abrahamic Family House visit now.

The houses of worship are open for worshippers to practice their respective faiths. All visitors are welcome to observe worship services.

For prayer times in Abu Dhabi, refer to the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments (AWQAF) website.

For details about the weekly service schedule at the Abrahamic Family House including mass timings at St. Francis Church or services at Moses Ben Maimon Synagogue in Abu Dhabi, please visit the Abrahamic Family House website.


Abrahamic Family House,
Jacques Chirac Street,
Saadiyat Cultural District,
Saadiyat Island Abu Dhabi

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