Cafe Artea Saadiyat Island

Cafe Artea in Abu Dhabi is where art and coffee connoisseurs come together.

A Saadiyat coffee shop, breakfast and dessert spot and art gallery

Large blocks of grey, chiselled stone standing in for countertops; sleek, minimalistic cream- and wooden-accent furniture; and beige walls, intentionally devoid of colours or patterns, ready to step back and let the artwork take centre stage. Walking through Cafe Artea’s doors, these are just a few details that’ll jump out of the frame (pun intended) and into your memory.

You might have been lured in by the smell of that Cafe Artea speciality coffee wafting all over Mamsha Al Saadiyat, from drip and cold brews to espresso tonics and lattes and fruit-infused concoctions, or by the promise of their bold afternoon teas jolting you awake from the post-lunch slump like peach blossom, jasmine Mao Jin, or organic English breakfast. But inside, you’ll find so much more than a Saadiyat coffee shop. 

Cafe Artea in Abu Dhabi also houses an art space where the eclectic works of local and international talents are almost always on display. Paintings, photography and art installations are thoughtfully curated and rotated regularly to give visitors something new to admire with every visit. The space also hosts workshops, events and talks on occasion to bring the community together and spark a dialogue about art and culture.

On the brekkie front (which is served all day), Cafe Artea’s menu features classic favourites like scrambled eggs, omelettes, sunny side up eggs, croissants, avocado toast with poached eggs or cheese, as well as healthy options like Acai bowls and overnight oats. For lunch, there are hearty sandwiches like smoked salmon, turkey, halloumi and pepperoni mozzarella. And if a sweet treat is what you’re after, don’t miss out on Cafe Artea Saadiyat Island’s signature Um Ali, tiramisu cake and San Sebastian cheesecake.

Getting Here

Jacques Chirac St - Al Sa'DiyatCultural
Cultural District - Abu Dhabi - UAE


Jacques Chirac St - Al Sa'DiyatCultural
Cultural District - Abu Dhabi - UAE


Daily 8:00 AM TO 11:00 PM